The Holga is a cheap 120 film toy camera made in China and known for blurry pictures, light leaks, and heavy vignetting. It is enjoying some fame among photographers, who have won competitions with photographs created with it. Entire portfolios of images made with Holgas have been known to appear in fine art photography magazines, helping reinforce the mantra: "it's not the camera!"

A famous photographer once said something along the lines of: an uninteresting picture will still be uninteresting if it is out of focus. This was likely a reaction to a plethora of fuzzy pictures masquerading as art. But then, I have seen many very interesting out-of-focus images of extremely low-fidelity.

These images are NOT taken with a Holga. They are imposters, created using a special Holga filter via Nik Silver Efex Pro software. This is my way of exploring this unusual area of photography. I considered the image titled "Bending Tree" -- taken from a kayak in the middle of the Minesing Swamp -- to be a failure. Shot with a Canon Powershot S70 in a bobbing kayak, it was less than sharp. But somehow -- at least to my eyes -- being "crappified" with the Holga simulation brought the image to life.